About Us

Krel Buckelew is a lover and a fighter. His love is for all of life that God has created and his fight is to help keep as many people as possible focused on the greatness that God has done and is doing everyday in our world as apposed to people being mentally absorbed by the darkness that is also present in our world and actively stealing too many people's God given joy from them.

At an early age, it was evident that Krel had a special gift for creating complex visual ideas from simple supplies and materials. This talent was mixed with his passion and joy for life as he began to express his ideas through drawing and painting.

In high school, he began the journey of producing art for the public that led him through a rich career as an illustrator and designer on an international stage. In his thirties, he changed directions from producing mostly commercial work, to producing and teaching fine art. This path has led him here where he now paints or as he puts it, celebrates life by reflecting the beauty around him.

His style of work has been a constant experiment and again, fight to portrait in a two dimensional medium, the feelings and emotions that comes when you walk through the peaceful woods, experience the power of a waterfall or sit in the sand while the sun sets over the ocean. Texture and color are his tools as well as any other brush or object that he uses to apply paint to his canvas.

The other half of Krel's job is running a studio where each original painting is scanned into a computer, high quality prints are produced and each piece is then custom framed, finished and made ready for the person who will become it's owner for a life of enjoyment. All of this process takes place inside of Krel's studio as he oversees ever detail of the process assuring it is a quality work of art that he can proudly sign his name to.