Commissioning A Painting

How to commission Krel to paint a specific painting for you.

1. Call us at 256-352-5850, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, cst or email us at to discuss your desired project.

2. After we get all of the details of the project that you would like Krel to produce, we gather all of the research needed and then Krel normally produces a layout or drawing of the project. (details include: written information, photographs, etc. that clearly explains what you are asking Krel to use as a reference to paint by.) 

3. You, as the customer, signs off on the project drawings and paperwork after all of the details are agreed upon and written down with exactly what you expect from the completed painting. (details include: due dates, print requests, framing requests, delivery or shipping details, any and all costs estimated and or quoted for the project, etc.)

4. After paperwork is signed, 50% of the total job cost must be paid down. This amount is a non refundable payment when Krel or our staff begins work on the project. No project will be put into our schedule until this down payment has been received. This applies to all custom orders. If changes are made to the project during the final production process, the time schedules and or cost of the completed project may change. Any scheduling or cost changes will be discussed with you at the time that these details are known by us.

5. You will be involved in the process as the project is produced at anytime when your view and approval is needed. Most projects require the customer to view the project before finishing touches are made. 100% satisfaction from every customer is always our goal with every project.

6. You will be involved in the details of delivery and installation or shipping of the project. Final payment is due upon completion of all projects before or at the delivery time.

7. We do not allow returns on custom produced projects. In some situations, we can help to resale Krel's original work to other customers.